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Progressive supranucler palsy

Posted by @marytea13 in Brain & Nervous System, Mar 25, 2012

I have been diagnosed with this condition & discussion and support please? TIA


Posted by @kathryn04, Apr 5, 2012

My husband, 58 yoa is suspected of maybe having this but dr's are still going back and forth trying to figure out what he has . Can you please provide any symptoms that you have so that I may compare with my husbands? i would appreciate it


Posted by @marytea13, Apr 5, 2012

balance problems causing falls which can be backwards,swallowing problems - most info a clinical diagnosis from mrt where some changes can be seen in brain.sometimes rapid progress problems with eyes sorry to read about your husband its like parkinsons & there are aparentially subtypes so diagnosis is most difficult depends on your neurologist I have an excelllent one. please keep in touch Marytea13


Posted by @mizmish, Apr 24, 2012

My husbands diagnosis came about when his neurologist heard that he imagines having two houses, same furniture ,two of what ever he talked about. Got info from his medical book right away. Just starting on NAMENDA. Wears EXCELON patch,but is deterioting just the same. Has lost much weight, cannot remember how to rise from a chair, though if he doesn't think about it, can do it, otherwise I need to help him in every way. He does have dementia. He falls over backward as he tries to get up so must use a walker (when he remembers to). His vision is not good. I think he sees w/ his brain ,and not his eyes sometimes ,as he sees all sorts of people and things! It's a trip. good luck to you and yours.


Posted by @marytea13, Apr 25, 2012

thanks for your message but this does not sound like PSP to me sorry for u & husband Marytea13

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