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Progress Autonomic Neuropathy

Posted by @donc in Brain & Nervous System, Oct 16, 2011

After more than two years searching for a diagnosis in Las Vegas, The AZ Mayo Clinic reviewed all previous tests, conducted their own tests, and consulted with several specialist to handle each area now affected by my disease.

This disease is very difficult to diagnose and is often misdiagnosed or completely overlooked. if you suffer from multiple symptoms, PLEASE do not give up. Keep searching and come to the Mayo. They will work with you and help you through your problems.

I would like to set up a Discussion Group about Progressive Autonomic Neuropathy and Multiple System Atrophy (MSA)

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Posted by @kaz75, Jan 12, 2012

That's good to know. I developed neuropathy out of the blue three years ago. No one knows why. I'm in Rochester NY. They have a great neuropathy doc there & he's sending me to Mayo.

Posted by Anonymous-57413608, Mar 14, 2012

I am 40yrs. In 1993, I suddenly developed burning feet syndrome. So hot are my feet, that I've not worn closed shoes for all those yrs.Various tests eg diabetes, pressure, vitamin tests, nerve endings,have been negative. I have no other conditions and I am healthy. The only healthy scare I have had was in1992 - A herniated disc in my lumber spine, brought about by weight lifting. I need help from anybody whose had similar experience.


Posted by @kathypelkey, Jan 12, 2012

What is this condition and the symptoms? I have periferal neuropathy but still seek a clearer, caring treatment facility and doctor. Please write more about your symptoms. Thanks.


Posted by @karenkae, Apr 7, 2012

I was just diagnosed with MSA yesterday at the Mayo Clinic. I've read so much about it and I just knew that's what I had. It's hard to hear it from a doctor. I guess it could be so much worse. My balance is off, and I walk like I'm drunk. Had several tests to help make a diagnosis. It's a bummer, but something I'll have to learn to live with.


Posted by @pammi, Apr 17, 2012

I have DAN and am having lots of problems at the moment. I can't eat very much as I will be sick. Can't urinate or move bowels much. My throat feels like it's closing up. I get very dizzy. Have a very sore back and get really breathless and have to sleep sitting up as I feel like I'm choking if I lie flat. I would like to speak to other DAN patients.


Posted by @caregiver, Nov 26, 2012

I posted today for the first time. I am caregiver for 63 year old husband who has Multiple System Atrophy/Parkinson's . He is being treated by local neurologist and by Movement Disorder Specialists at the Medical University Of SC. (2 hours away). He has been diagnosed for 4 years and what they are doing does not help much with the freezing, ability to walk, sliding into a booth,etc. Would so like to hear of anything your doctors advised that has helped you in any way.. Thanks.

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