Prograf versus Adoport

Posted by wildcat @wildcat, Sep 30, 2019

Hello from Scotland everyone!

I have been on Prograf, without any major problems, since my liver transplant five years ago. My hospital, The Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, has decided to move all patients from Prograf to Adoport. They have been honest in telling us that the cost benefits are significant for our national Health Service.

I wonder if any of our members have any thoughts/comments/ information on the differences between these two drugs?

Of course, I trust my hospital to make wise choices on my behalf but I am also anxious about changing from a drug which has served me very well since my transplant.

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@virginiefrance I just left your next posts. Are you still in Washington or back home now?

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Back to France ! also really enjoyed our discussion and I would not fail to keep you informed of the modification of the treatment. Take care of yourself and see you soon


the disease is called primary pulmonary capillary hemangiomatosis, at first doctors thought of pulmonary arterial hypertension. it's an orphan disease that has no treatment apart from the transplant: my eldest sister had a heart and lung transplant at 32, I had both lungs twice at 50 and my youngest sister at 53 also had both lungs. my older sister died of a stroke in 2011.

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@virginiefrance 🥰
What an amazing personal story.
It's incredible that Mayo was able to identify the family genetic anomaly and give you comfort that it was not passed to the next generations.
All that said, you have demonstrated such courage and resilience through each challenge that was sent your way.
You have a wonderfully positive and powerful mindset. Can you give me any words of wisdom regarding how you stay positive during the challenges presented during the transplant journey?


I recently had an appointment with my cardiologist at the VA in Phoenix AZ. I asked him about the tacrolimus discussion. He told me that the heart transplant medical community strongly endorses tacrolimus as the preferred drug for heart transplants. It may be different for other organ transplants.


Hi Wildcat, Is the Adoport less expensive then the prograf!
Congratulations on 5 years have u had ant issues? I am 2yrs. LTP had an acute rejection but doing well now.
Thanks for the info.

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