Yellow green mucus inhibiting ability to breathe

Posted by tdennis @tdennis, Dec 4, 2017

Anybody out there expelling a yellow green to olive green mucus that almost stop your ability to breath. Discharges are at least twice a day or night Been dealing with this situation for 2-1/2 years. Tested for Congestive Heart failure: EKG was good. Next checked for Lung issues: CT scan result was ” your lungs are pristine. Sinus’ were very congested or impacted with inflammation: completed Fusion Fess procedure: did not resolve the situation or condition. Current diagnosis is adult onset Asthma at the age of 69. Next thing we are doing to do is an extensive allergy analysis in hopes that that could be an answer to my situation. Three E.R. visits due to severer breathing issues. The EMT’s during transport exhibited severe concern for my sevival. Can anyone out there shed any light on my experiences with this issue.

Hello @tdennis, welcome to Mayo Connect. I’m glad you found us. Connect is a good place to ask questions and share information with other members who have similar health concerns. I’m tagging other Connect members who have talked about yellow green mucus. @sampannek, @millieb71, @tdrell, @windwalker, can you provide any information for @tdennis

@tdennis, are your doctors thinking it might be related to an allergy?



this post may not be associated with yours but here goes. i have the same color mucus but not as often as you. i have three auto immune diseases BUT….i am being exposed to round up for over 13 years and it still continues. (until the authorities enter into the situation it wil not stop). good luck with yours.


@tdennis Hi there, and welcome to our forum. Do you go by Dennis? I know that adult onset asthma is possible, but I also know that it is a convinient basket to to throw lung issues in as well, and then never get proper treatment; which is what happened to me. It is important to INSIST on a sputem lab test to find out what exactly is in your lungs causing the infection. Green/yellow phlegm usually indicates infection. It is important to find out what the infection is caused by in order to use the right antibiotic. Many doctors will just prescribe a broad spectrum antibiotic in hopes of it knocking out whatever you have.Because this has been affecting you for several years now should indicate that a doctor take a closer look. A CT scan would be great too, that way your physician will have a good idea of what is going on in your lungs. Please keep us informed on how you are doing. Just curious, how did you find us?

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