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Procedure for removing kidney stones

Posted by @maallen1943, Aug 1, 2011

My husband had a very bad time after a procedure to remove a kidmey stone, where they inserted a long tube through his back, into the kidney, to zap the stone.

Now he has another stone, and must have the same procedure again. His anyone heard of an alternative to this prcedure?



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Posted by @claudia1, Aug 6, 2011

Maallen, I am not a patient of Mayo Clinic. I have just joined this “community” as I am seeking information as you seem to be. I have had at least 3 large kidney stones removed by lithotripsey over the past 5 years or so. I have a urologist in Orlando, Fl. whom, to this point, I very much trust and appreciate. During the past 4 weeks I have passed at least 3 stones and have had shockwave lithotripsey to remove 1 large one w/a stent placed in the left kidney. He also did laser lithotripsey on the right kidney to break up a stone or stones in the right kidney. Now they see another stone in the right kidney. I am going in next Thurs. to have another lithotripsey on the rt. and at that time they will remove the stent in the left. They do this procedure by way of cystoscope. There is no cutting done to the outside of my body. I am not very educated in this area of illness or treastment, but am becoming educated by my own searchings at this point. Maybe my long response will give you somewhat of an answer, I hope.


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Posted by @markh1, Jan 29, 2012

Claudia / Maallen,

The lithortripsy is far better than the invasive surgery, But the lithotripsy is still very painful. I am soon to have my 5th. The pain for the first two – three days is, well, not good. I have become a member of the mayo clinic forums hoping someone somewhere is working on a less painfull way to do this. I used to hate drinking so much water but the water is the least of my worries. I have another stone in the opposite kidney that seems to be avoiding coming out on its own. Which means, I may have an 5th and then 6th lithotripsy soon. I hope someone is working on something less painful to elimiate and prevent kidney stones. Mine are Calcium Oxolate – very common.

PS. There must be some reason they are choosing to go in through his back?? If it hasnt come up I would ask why a lithotripsy cannot be performed. It involves shock wave from the outside but they place a stint (tube) in though the penis and up to the kidney so the swelling doesn’t prevent pieces from exiting. Although, on my last litho, when the stent was removed there were two pieces too larger to go out the stent so I was in agony again for a few hours while the two pieces left the kidney on their journey out. Thank God they came out.

Everytime I pass a small stone or fragment I celebrate. One less piece to come out under other circumstances.


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Posted by @banana, Jan 30, 2012

How are you doing currently. my daughter just found out she has a kidney stone. she’s in great pain. last time she went into a walk in clinic who did not have an xray or CT scan, they said next time go to emergency room, they had equipment that could see what & how much is there. Mayo says they have several other procedures to take care of this. hopefully her nearby hospital does too


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Posted by @csuenlv, Jun 8, 2012

my husband has suffered from kidney stones (his are calcium) for the past six years. He is 51 years old and this has been a devastating and debilitating, sp, disease, and he is truly my hero. I have no idea how he deals with this every day. His kidney has stones in it all the time , he lost his left kidney 5 years ago which was destroyed by stones and his right kidney is only partially functioning. He, at one point, was of course addicted to pain pills. He has for the last 3 years been in an outpatient rehab program and now just deals with the incredible pain and sometimes even worse is the constant nausea and vomiting. It has affected our whole world and has been. at times, a nightmare. I am afraid that this horrible disease may take his life. I can’t believe that there isn’t something that can be done to stop his body from developing these stones and give him some relief and possibly save his life. Thank you for listening.

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