probiotics and prebiotics while taking xifaxan?

Posted by drpepper @drpepper, Fri, Jan 4 11:28am

Thanks for all your feedback re taking xifaxan. I picked up the script last evening. Should you discontinue prebiotics and/or probiotics while taking the xifaxan?? My thinking is that the antibiotic is designed to get rid of bad bacteria (??) and taking a pro/prebiotic would be an asset. But it may be that the antibiotic attacks all bacteria. Just not sure. Your experience/understanding appreciated.

I took probiotics while on antibiotics. Prebiotics are a bit more controversial. I have read articles pro and con prebiotics and advising people to introduce them later in the healing process.




I don't know about the prebiotics. The probiotics are fine just make a good space between taking them and the antibiotic. DO NOT TAKE THEM AT SAME TIME.

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