Pressure in ears with burning face

Posted by dlsmikus @dlsmikus, Mar 31 10:13am

I get a strong pressure in my ears when my face begins to burn, The doctors no clue why. I have idiopathic peripheral neuropathy all over my body.
Does anyone get this symptom in your ears? It makes me unstable while walking so I use a cane.

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My PN is also idiopathic. I don't get ear pressure but sometimes my face becomes very hot. I've not been told that it is a symptom of PN but I didn't have the hot face until just recently when my PN got far worse.


I do not have pressure in my ears but I do have tinnitus. Also, the tops of my ears burn like they are on fire (both ears). My dermatologist, of all people, told me to put an anesthetic like lidocaine on them but it didn't really help. I have idiopathic PN and am only recently beginning to feel tingling in my fingers. my PCP recommended carpal tunnel braces to see if it is positional (especially while sleeping) rather than neuropaty.

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