Press the pause button and connect with your heart

Posted by Sheryl M Ness, MA, RN @smness, Nov 26, 2014

This week, let’s talk about how to be present when communicating with family, friends and loved ones.

There are times when it’s important to silence your phone and simply be with each other.

Think back to the last time you really connected with someone special. What made it an extraordinary experience? Perhaps you remember a touch of a hand, the warmth of a hug or the eye contact or smile that that person gave you, or the way you felt that they truly listened to you while having a meaningful conversation.

Or perhaps it was a special family dinner where everyone was engaged by talking, listening and having fun together rather than checking the phone every few minutes.

As you think about creating heartfelt connections with each other, keep a few things in mind:

  • Set aside time to be together – try to clear your calendar for as much time as you need.
  • Put aside the technology – silence your cell phone and focus on the person you’re with.
  • Make eye contact – your eyes are the connection to your heart.
  • Touch is important – there may be times a warm touch of your hands or an embrace can make all of the difference if words are hard to find.
  • Listen – sometimes listening is more important than speaking; don’t worry about periods of silence between words.

One of the most important things you can offer is your presence, empathy, love and support. Keep this in mind when you make a plan to connect with someone important to you. Take the extra time to really connect with your heart.

I’d love to hear your perspectives on this. What makes a difference for you?

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