pregabalin vs gabapentin

Posted by bettyg81pain @bettyg81pain, Jun 9 2:25pm

Which are most is everyone taking for their neuropathy? Have you found edema mostly with pregbalin? What mg of either are most of you taking and what age are you? Just reading the article about pregabalin causing edema, which I am noticing.

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Gabapentin only for 6 1/2 years. I’ve never had edema. I take it to help manage the nerve pain I get from PN as well as the extreme cold & heat sensitivity I get in my extremities. I don’t have any known underlying conditions that would contribute to edema (thank God). I am now late 50’s and worked my way up to 800 mg 3x.
A Neurologist 2 years ago sent in a prescription for Pregabalin for no reason or new symptoms after a visit but just a comment “a lot of people take it too”. I kept the bottle but decided not to take it since I was unclear on the expected outcome and the side effects and drug interactions alarmed me. He didn’t offer an explanation when I wrote to ask about the expected benefit. But I have read how it has helped some people on here.

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