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prednisone alternative?

Posted by @kellie, Dec 16, 2011

I am wondering if anyone knows of a supplement, herb or other that will calm inflamation caused by asthma? I am looking for an alternative that is safer.


Xan Go

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Posted by @xango, Mar 24, 2012

There are a few herbs that calm inflamation caused by asthma. I have used them to good effect. The best company I have found is Herb Pharm . The first herb is called Khella. Very helpful in controlling asthma. They also include it in a compound called Calm Breath, I recommend it.
Another herb that helps: Lobelia – also highly recommended.
Also two other compounds: Turmeric/Chamomile and if you’re allergic Eyebright/Nettle. I actually take ALL of the above compounds because I’m VERY allergic during pollen season (the spring) and I’ve found that the herbs coupled with acupunture (low cost community clinics around – search for them online) make a VERY effective treatment. Good Luck!


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Posted by @patsyelsie, May 10, 2012

I just began receiving magnesium solution I.V.s at my doctor’s office for asthma. I think it may be classified as homeopathic medicine. I am due for a series of 12 I.V.s over 6 weeks. Already had four. Can’t tell yet, but maybe they help. I’m now off prednisone.

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