PPIs and H2 blockers

Posted by billgil @billgil, Aug 31 11:03am

Have been on Pantoprazole for years, stopped working, Doc up my dosage, still not working at night [disrupted sleep, have to take antacids] tried 10 mgs Famotidine before bed, works great.
Anyone else on this regime ? Is it OK to take both ? Is this OK long term ? Thanks Bill

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I've been taking pantoprazole for atleast 10 yrs. Sometimes I had to increase to 2 a day and still it would not work. I've Acid reflux, gerd, hiatal hernia and many other issues all my life. Yes I have had to take Tagament in addition to pantoprazole sometimes. My pharmacist said it was fine. Yes the Tagament worked great, usually with in 15 minutes. I usually stay on a bland diet in order to avoid to taking any additional meds. Most of these types meds are not good for your kidneys.


Taking Famotidine in addition to the PPI is fine. I had the same problem at night as you describe. The gastroenterologist said that if it works for you, that's perfect. I wonder if they suggest changing the PPI if it "stopped working"? Another possibility is that something changed that caused things to be worse. I think that's what happened to me, after I lifted extremely heavy boxes. See if you have stress or other factors that changed since it stopped working, and address that.

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