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POTS Syndrome

Posted by @georgiagirl in Brain & Nervous System, Jul 12, 2011

If anyone has any experience with this . Please help . It is a rare condition with the autotomic nervous system. I need a doctor in Georgia


Posted by @elizabethrice, Jul 12, 2011

Thanks for your question. I wanted to share with you a story about how social media brought one teenage girl to Mayo Clinic for treatment of POTS syndrome:

Within this post, you can also view a YouTube video of Dr. Phil Fischer describing POTS.


Posted by @krista, Jul 13, 2011

I have been diagnosed with POTS. I was originally diagnosed with POTS in San Diego 5 years ago, but my doctors here have been unable to accurately treat my symptoms. I went to the Mayo Clinic in June for a week of testing at their POTS Clinic, and they accurately diagnosed my POTS and came up with a tailored treatment program.

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