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Posted by @hs18, Jul 2, 2012

I’m starting this discussion to share my experience with POTS in case it might help anyone.
I had symptoms since I was 15, immediately after being sick with bronchitis. I was only diagnosed with POTS 2 years later. I tried medication but stopped soon after.
I have seen steady improvement over the last year. I am not on any particular treatment.
Here’s what I’d like to share:
My POTS symptoms are worsened when I am exposed to gas. After testing this for about a year, we finally got rid of our gas oven and replaced it with an electric oven. This has made an enormous difference.
In addition (perhaps this is related?) I get extremely sick during and after travel. I avoid travel at all costs because the response is immediate and long lasting.
Does anyone also notice that gas triggers their POTS symptoms?
I’m curious about whether or not this experience is unique. To date I haven’t seen anything written up anywhere about a correlation between gas and an increase in POTS symptoms. But it has made a huge difference to me.
Maybe others can gain from trying to avoid gas as well.
I did find online some articles explaining that excessive exposure to gas causes dizziness and other fatigue. But I haven’t seen that mild, normal exposure is related to POTS symptoms.
Any comments?

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Posted by @anon90896456, Aug 29, 2012

I have problems with traveling too. Being tested on Thursday for pots


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Posted by @hs18, Aug 31, 2012

Thanks for adding that you also have trouble with the traveling. I hope you will find a solution, regardless of what your test results were for pots! If you find anything that helps you, I would love to know

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