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Posterior Cervical Neck Biopsy

Posted by @bigluke in Infectious Diseases, Jul 3, 2012

Had A Biopsy in March after 3 months of waiting on it and strong antibiotics. Came back Reactive looking like Toxoplasma but needed Serology study's to confirm which they all came back Neg.Histoplasma showes past infection EBV Neg TB Neg. Still have night sweats dry cough diarrhea, Nausea, They also found a 13mm plural based nodule in the left apex of my long around the 3rd rib...Now they say that it has resoved not sure what that means..Lymph node was on the Right side of neck..Have a Lump on the back of my femur on the Left side also Bad (L) ankle pain.. Any Ideas whats going on have an appt on 7/10 at Mayo think Its the right thing to do since they cant figure it out here... Oh ya I am always tired...

Tags: Infectious Disease

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