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Postconcussion Syndrome

Posted by @lovedmybuickuntil, Nov 2, 2011

I was in an car accident in May of this year, this accident was a Tbone and I was driving. The other car hit passenger side of my car, lifting my car up off ground onto 2 wheels, driver side. When car came back down on ground I was tossed about even with my seat and lap belt in place, the force threw my face toward windshield and my forehead hit rear view mirror. I had a huge knot on my forehead and I did go to emergency room and ask to have my head exray for possable damage. I WAS DENIED THE EXRAY, I was told if I was not knocked unconcious, I would be fine, I was given a pain shot an 15 hydrocodone pills an sent home. I dealt with the headaches with OTC med. About 3 months I was in severe pain, went to another ER and a CT Scan showed I still had inflamation across the forehead, I was given pain med and recomended to my primary care who gave me pain med. Now it is getting worse, the pressure and pain is chronic and overwhelming. I went back to ER with severe weakness and I had had a severe headache, I was admitted and a Physician did scans and eeg. Brain is normal, but I still have indention and swelling in forehead. I was put on Nuerontin for pain. This med is really agitating me, now what is this, and how much longer must I deal with the pain and inability to function? I have short term memory along with other problems. Does anyone know how long or when this will continue?


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