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Post Traumatic Stress Syndrom

Posted by @crazyhorse, Aug 20, 2011

I can not find any specialist with Military Experience for returning Vets that is in Private Practice serving NGO’s (non military officials) whom have seen combat and/or been injured or seen death up close in a hostile war invironment.

Like many other Non Military Personell who have been injured or seen death clost up during work in countries like Afghanistan, we can not find qualified help with PTSD.

Oh, we can find a Phsychologist who specializes in PTSD, however their patients have had traumatic experiences in the staes, where as bad as it might seen when the accident occured, you did know that 911 was going to be called and an emergency vehicle would respond to take you to the hospital.

Not so if you are caught in crossfire in the outbacks of Afghanistan. The only thing you can be assured of is you are going to die.

I was shot 4 times and blown out of a helicopter. Three bullets ent completely through my torso (AK47) and one traveled down my rih]ght

I can’t sleep, I can’t stay focused, it has been close to 7 years now, of course the pain I endure keeps me awake many nights, as an example it is now 4 in the morning here and I have yet to be to bed.

Am in the Houston, Texas area. If you know of a Doctor that can help me who is ex military, please forward.



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Posted by @dlizbeth, Aug 20, 2011

Hi CrazyHorse. We’ve worked with more than 500 veterans with PTSD. Our advanced neuro-technology called Brainwave Optimization is holistic, non-invasive and effective. We don’t play guessing games. You eill actually see your brainwave patterns before your sessions start and after. The man who developed this was beatedn by four youth with a baseball bat and suffered PTSD for nearly a decade. No conventional treatments helped hi. Brainwave Optimization did. Check our website for a location near you at (Dianne Price Brain State Technologies


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Posted by @pjmcginnis76, Oct 21, 2011

Hi. I’m just wondering if you ever got help. It is unacceptable that you put your life on the line for us and now cannot get assistance. I just wanted to thank you for your service and sacrifice and see how you are doing. – a concerned and appreciative citizen

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