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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Posted by @strikerfickel, Sep 22, 2011

i can kind of relate my best friend died a year and a half ago and he was addicted to heroin and he was 3 months sober and he was living with his aunt for awhile and invited me to a bbq with his family and my mom wouldnt let me go im sure that broke his heart and then i started hanging out with someone for the whole summer instead of him because he smoked me out and i hung out with him once like a week before he died and i blame myself for his death and always will i had a ‘dream’ even though i didnt think it was a dream he called me at 3am and i picked up and no one answered so i just hung up but im pretty positive he was oding and wanted me to save him and i saw it on cops someone oding on heroin and he was there for 4 hours and then they found him and saved him and all before this i was absolutely tortured all throughout middle school getting called every thing from faggot to whatever they could think of i got white washed ketchup throw in my face and now all i hear daily is faggot loser whatever im just reliving it and its driving me crazy…


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