Post Transplant - Core numbness and weakness

Posted by mellow123 @mellow123, Mar 29, 2021

Hello. I’m 9 months post-liver transplant . Im challenged with a couple of physical things. First, the numbness in my abdomen area. Parts of the numb area are gradually regaining feeling, but I know to expect that some of the area will remain numb indefinitely so I’ll learn to accept that.

My biggest challenge is my core strength, stability, and flexibility,I realize it’s significant that they sliced my abdomen muscles to get to my liver, but 9 months later It still feels like I’m walking around with some 30 pound mass in my core, can lose my balance ( thsts greatly improving! , and it generally feels like my abdomen muscles are almost dead or inactive.
Is this normal? How long should the healing process take until I can walk around normally without being reminded that I had major surgery in my abdomen?


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@mellow123 i was transplanted in September of 2018. I have a lot of the same issues. I Sent to my Gym anytime fitness. Got with my trainerstrainer and they set up a programs to strengthen my core i am doing great my core is still numb but I am very strong in the core now. I amble to do multiple planks now.. I hope this helps , congratulations on the transplant ,much prayers and strength. God Bless



Congratulations on the new liver!

I had the same thing after my kidney transplant. Because of the type of disease I had my kidneys grew to be very large and both were removed at the time of my transplant. I was months out of surgery and still unstable, weak and prone to pulling muscles. It wasn't until I went to my primary doctor who referred me to a Physical Therapist that I started to turn the corner. Turns out I needed very specific exercises to strengthen my core and train my nerves to "talk" to each other again. The first day I wasn't able to sit on an exercise ball and lift one foot of the ground without falling over – yikes. I highly recommend seeing a Physical Therapist.

You've been through a lot and deserve to feel better!



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I agree with the recommendation of seeing a physical therapist. @mellow123, have you considered PT?


@mellow123, I would like to ask you how you are getting along since you last posted here about your transplant recovery.

Have you noticed any changes in regard to the numbness in your abdominal area?

And what about your core strength, stability, and flexibility? Others have offered their experience about what has worked for them after their transplant surgeries. With your doctor's permission, did you find a way to increase and improve your post transplant progress?

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