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Post thrombotic syndrome (PTS) after deep vein thrombosis (DVT)

Posted by @efrank, Oct 18, 2011

Hi everyone,

Anyone having experience with post thrombotic syndrome after deep vein thrombosis? What do you do, to keep you leg / foot healthy besides compression stockings?

Have you considered removing some of your varicous veins in order to also get rid of the brown reddish spots around the ankle area? I also tried all medication that is available…




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Posted by @fay, Nov 16, 2011

pump your foot a lot to keep the blood flowing as best it can back up your leg. Have had DVT since May 2009 and where 30-40 compression socks every day – I call them my CUTE SOCKS.


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Posted by @specialed, Nov 26, 2011

DVT and PE in July-September ’06.
The spots you have are probably on the lower inside of your ankle, it’s a depression just behind & below the ankle bone.
When mine became ulcerated with bleeding & oozing, I went to a nurse my daughter recommended, who specializes in wound care. The nurse told me because this area is low the compression stock can’t put enough pressure on it & blood pools there. She had me put Polymem pads, held on with Hypafix tape on it until it healed up.
My wife found a baby blanket that was made of a soft cotton flannel like material. I cut pieces to whatever shape and size I need, put them together in layers, tape them together & tape the pad to my ankle with paper tape under my compression stocking, to put pressure on this spot. The spot is still there but, it isn’t ulcerated, doesn’t bleed or ooze anymore.
Also, I’ve used Jobst & Futuro compression socks, wouldn’t use either one again. Juzo makes a much better sock, lasts longer, doesn’t snag or get runs (very important for a guy with dry rough hands) & comes in higher compressions. I wear a 30-40 on most days & a 40-50 when I’m going to be on my feet alot, driving or just on a long days.
I also asked my surgeon about vein removal, he said in my case the large vein deep in my leg was probably shot, so I couldn’t have the nasty veins close to the surface removed, because they are doing all the work now.
By the way, I sometimes feel I have gained somewhat of a medical education through my DVT & PE experiences, but this isn’t the way to do it!!!!!

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