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post submandibular salivary gland +lymph node excision -help

Posted by @rajeshjsl in Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat, Sep 13, 2012

i recently had submandibular lymph node and the gland both removed ,now there is collection of fluid about 5.8 cc in the submandibular area , the fluid is yellowish in colour , it was aspirated three times in 12 days , the fluid again fills after aspiration .

my surgeon(surgical oncologist) tells me its okay it will will subside over time .
but my ent surgeon tells me that there might be some part of submandibular gland left which is giving saliva and hence the fluid collection .

guys what colour is the saliva secreted by the submandibular gland ?
is the condition a seroma ?
the yellow colour liquid lymph or saliva ?

images swollen area and liquid


Posted by @pammyj11, Oct 6, 2012

how is this going now Raj...still having the fluid buildup? I recently had a parotidectomy and was told that the fluid might build up, and that it could be aspirated, but then it usually stops filling within about 3 weeks. Since it's been a bit since you posted, I wondered if it had finally stopped.


Posted by @rajeshjsl, Oct 7, 2012

yes it finally did !!
i had operation on 18th and the fluid went away by 25th of next month , had it aspirated 4-5 times because was unable to eat properly because of swelling , now i have hardened layer under skin under that area ..

what i did from 22nd to 25th was i kept pressure by my hand while eating since eating was causing the swelling to come back faster . because of that the swelling didn't increase in size and slowly went away ..

after sleep in the morning the swelling used to become less and increase by night .

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