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Post-Op condition following a Nissen Fundoplication

Posted by @jmiller80130, Nov 27, 2011

New here to Mayo so feeling my way along. In July 2010, I was hospitalized with pneumonia caused by severe GERD among other things. Stomach acid would back up the esophagus after falling asleep and some found its way down the windpipe. In Nov 2010, I had a Nissen Fundoplication. Since then, I have had regular periods of extreme heartburn with periodic regurgitation of clear ‘mucus’ containing blood (?). The mucus seems Ph neutral. The latest visit to the GI doctor included an Rx for Domparidone (to improve stomach emptying) and a suggestion I return in a year. Another GI doctor suggest I stop the Nexium (Not likely) and Prilosec OTC. Neither seem satisfactory. There are many more thing wrong with me including CLL, RA, diabetis (type II) and seasonal allergies. If I read between the lines, I seem to get the idea I should live with this GI condition and that is not a very satisfying conclusion.



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Posted by @deliasanderson, Nov 28, 2011

are you able to go for walks and get absorbed in nature

Posted by @glutenfreecuredmycrohns, Jan 6, 2012

Mucus could be a symptom of allergies, food, pollen, dust mite. Try a gluten-free diet, it may help.

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