Sharp pain in upper breast post lumpectomy and raditation: Anyone?

Posted by patclem @patclem, Jan 24, 2023

Did chemo, lumpectomy in August 2022 and finished radiation in November 2022. For the past 2-3 weeks having sharp pain on the upper part of the breast, not in surgery area, it was constant at first but past weeks is off and on and sharp and area very tender. Surgical oncologist did a complete follow-up exam and all checked out fine. I mentioned this tender and painful area and she said it was from radiation. I called radiation oncologist, talked to his nurse, her message from him was if it was very painful it was not from radiation, but he would be happy to see me if I wanted. I see him in a couple of days. Anyone experience anything similar? Someone said could be fibrosis, has anyone experienced fibrosis?

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@patclem Geez! I am so sorry I didn’t see this post sooner. There are a few things that could cause this, nerves acting strangely after being severed, scarring from radiation, fibrosis, etc. I am hoping you have seen the doctor and gotten the cancer all clear by now.
To deal with overactive nerves, I have used lidocaine patches, available over the counter. Then if it really helps you, you could get a box from your doctor, and it is usually less expensive that way. I am crossing my fingers for you.
Have you seen the doctor yet? Any answers?


Did you have sentinel node biopsy during your lumpectomy surgery? Sounds like some nerves were irritated that extend to the armpit.


I had the same situation after my TNBC lumpectomy / lymph node dissection.
Pls find attached recommendations from my oncologist which may be useful in your case as well

Shared files

Sensitivity 02Nov 2022 (Sensitivity-02Nov-2022.pdf)


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Has the pain subsided? Di you find out the cause?


It could be breast lymphedema like I have.

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