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Post Laparoscopic Gallstone Removal Pain

Posted by @ayeshasadiq, Sep 24, 2011

My mother had had a single stone in her gall bladder and she had been suggested to get it removed. She did so, through Laparoscopy.
After some time it started hurting. AGAIN. She had her ultrasounds and the doctors told her that there WAS no gallbladder and she shouldn’t be having this pain. They could not really put their finger on the problem.
She’s been trying to cure (at least subdue it) but all in vain.
It’s been 13-14 years since she first found out about it.

It hurts her on her right side, i guess below her ribs. Her back also hurts.
When she gives heat to her back, she is somewhat relieved from the pain for about a week. And massaging her back also helps her. But only for a limited time. When she works (physically) it hurts more. Sleeping on a hard surface also does that. Also it hurts more in summers than in winters.
Also, she often burps after eating almost anything.

When I massage her I find three lumps on her back (I am dreadfully a novice).
Two lumps are closely to the right of the vertebral column and one is a little down below.

I search for a cure that could relieve her permanently of this pain. Or if someone could suggest me WHY it hurts.

Any help will be horrendously appreciated. I’d be indebted throughout my remaining life.


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