Post gallbladder complications

Posted by vickiperk @vickiperk, Dec 28, 2018

I had my gallbladder out in September and have had a 30 lb weight loss and still can’t eat without having diarrhea. I’ve had two endoscopy, one showed Barrett’s and next one two months later was normal. Abdominal ct normal. Trying to eat but in the last week wake up sweating and severe nausea. Then have four to five lose stools. On Protonix 40 mg, Questran, zofran. Nothing is helping. Lab work shows low potassium, slightly low tsh but nothing else. Went to Mayo for consult in November but had to come home because I have a HMO and they refused to pay, so spent 5000 dollars for a few test but can’t return. My local drs have no clue and keep adding meds. I think I’m losing my mind and beyond stressed out. Any thoughts

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So sorry you are experiencing these problems. My problems are different from yours but had the diarrhea and weight loss in common. What turned things around for me were changes in diet. Have you received any nutritional advice regarding what to eat and how to eat post surgery? My mother suffered from gallbladder issues all her life and what helped her most was a diet of lean meats, low fat, limited carbs, low sugar, no caffeine or alcohol. I remember she was very disciplined with what she ate and always took digestive enzymes with meals. Perhaps your body is experiencing difficulty digesting or absorbing certain nutrients and fats. Sometimes the simplest approaches are best. Have you consulted with a nutritionist or been given advice about how to eat following your surgery.? If not, it may be worth a shot to look into what you eat. Since you were in the hospital for surgery, infections are another possibility. In other words, diarrhea can be caused by something unrelated to the bladder. Hope you feel better soon.


@vickiperk I had a Nissen Fundoplication wrap at same time as gallbladder out. I too had diarrhea. Sweets and greasey foods triggered it most. I tried several probiotics but they did not work until my husband's cousin said to try Align. It helps a lot. I still have a bout now and then, but usually because I ate too many sweets or ate somethng fried. Keep a food diary to figure out if it is certain foods triggering it. Look up Dump Syndrome and you can find out more things to try to ease it.


Good catch! I would have mentioned dumping syndrome as a possibility. It was one of the things I was warned about at the time of my gallbladder surgery.

I too have had a Nissen. I'm 20 yrs out from mine. I have been dxed with Nutcracker esophagus and I wonder if the Nissen may have caused it.


I am so sorry to hear this but it sounds exactly like me except I am also having severe cramping pains almost all day long to the point where I balled over in pain. Have you been diagnosed with anything or found out what was causing your issues?

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