Post COVID neurological pain that I call "spiciness"

Posted by heather101 @heather101, Dec 29, 2022

Hi all. Im a 31 year old female with no medical issues and play rugby professionally. I got COVID in June 2022. Took me 2 weeks to 'recover' but had months of brain fog, extreme fatigue, heart issues (palpitations and even a trip to A&E for heart attack related symptoms). I have had hyperbaric chamber therapy for a couple of months and used a micro current device. My brain fog and fatigue cleared up with treatment but this neurological pain or 'spiciness' as I call it always comes on after anything remotely active. It's in my ENT and around my head, and normally requires a decent chunk of sleep. I also get it after massage.

My question is… does anyone else have this pain and triggering after using/getting blood flow to muscles. And how can I treat it? Does it indicate I've done to much or will I always react like this? It makes me scared to try anything 🙁

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Hopefully the neuro will gradually fade or at least lessen. Stay active
every day. It will get blood flow to those spicey sites. Give it time.
You are not alone. Trust me, others have it worse.

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