Post Concussive Changes Leading to (Possible?) Acquire Savant Syndrome

Posted by jnewburn @jnewburn, Apr 14, 2017

Hello all.

My name is Jenifer Newburn.

In July of last year, I suffered (another) traumatic brain injury while mountain climbing. The last week of October, I (yet again) hit my head…. and approximately one week later, I had three grand mal seizures within a 30 minute period.

Afterward, my cognition changed quite dramatically…

In addition to some cognitive decline (i.e. headaches, memory loss, and the “normal” post-concussive side effects), I experienced significant personality changes, as well as a “creepy” increase of “computing” power within my brain. Before the multiple injuries, I was fairly intelligent, but had basically what equated to a 9th grade education level. As my brain slowly began to “rewire” itself, I began to notice strange correlations between seemingly random bits of information, started quoting philosophers I’ve never even heard I read previously, and even have “understood” physics, mathematics, and even engineering….

Being the hypochondriac I had always been, I Googled “traumatic brain injury + increased intelligence” and found that there were only approximately 30-40 cases of “acquired savant syndrome” documented.

I guess the reason I am posting on this board is to see if there are any Neurologists willing to possibly work with me on a pro bono basis. I say pro bono, because preceding the realization that I may have “unlocked” hidden potential within my brain, there were a lot of issues that lead me to an interesting, albeit frightening, path to “enlightenment” – whereby, I lost nearly EVERYTHING, including my sanity there for a brief moment.

Slowly, I am piecing those remnants of my fractured life, just like my brain in slowly piecing itself back together, Humpty Dumpty style, fusing the hemispheres of my thoughts into what I hope will be something cohesive and beautiful. It’s been a difficult journey, but it would be kind of nice to have a sounding board with a professional or few.

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@jnewburn Hello Jenifer and welcome to Mayo Connect. Thank you for posting this very unique experience. It will be interesting to see how our Mayo community responds to your story. Our Mayo Connect community is usually made up of individuals, like yourself, who do not have medical training however, perhaps someone has had a similar experience that they will share. Teresa


Hi Jenifer,
As Teresa mentioned, Connect is an online community where people can share their health experiences and get support. Should you wish to speak with a Mayo Clinic neurologist, please contact one of our Mayo Clinic offices in MN, AZ or FL. Here is the contact information

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