Post Concussion

Posted by desidawn @desidawn, Oct 24 11:30am

On May 19th I hit my head really hard on our windshield coming back home late from a wedding. My husband turned a corner too fast and I forgot to put on my seatbelt. I hit the upper right side of my forehead. I felt fine the rest of the night, then eventually went to bed. When I woke up I had a terrible headache, but just took some ibuprofen and was fine. 2 weeks later I hit above my ear on the right side of my head while opening a door in the middle of the night. About two weeks after both these incidents I began having concussion like symptoms, lightheadedness, nausea, hard time driving, one day I woke up and my eyesite was blurry, foggy, etc. I also wound up with a fullness in my right ear a month later and a tenderness above my ear that would not leave. I went to see a doctor (telling them about my hits to the head), got diagnosed with an ear infection and sent home. I took the antibiotics with no relief. Maybe 2 weeks late I seen another doctor concerning the tenderness above my ear and ear fullness and he said sinus issues. He gave me antibiotics and a steroid, I took them both with no relief. I began getting very frustrated because I have health anxiety and was concerned that maybe this concussion might have really messed something up in my head. Here it is October and I have no more tenderness in my head where I hit it or fullness in my ear, but now am having a strange slight (very faint) pressure or awareness in front of my right ear and a strange feeling in my right eye, almost like it is dry/strained? I cannot explain the feeling well. All this has really been annoying because I have no answers and have anxiety concerning my health. I know this is long winded and may not make sense, but does anybody have any idea if a concussion could cause all this lingering weird symptoms or not? If not a concussion what else might this be? I have noticed that when I am out around bright light, like in a store, it sometimes triggers my eye and causes a slight headache on the right side of my head, sorta like a migraine. I need help! Anybody have any ideas?

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Please see a dr who is a concussion specialist in your area. You are not imagining these symptoms and need to be checked out. To me the light sensitivity is especially telling. Many hospitals now have a concussion/TBI clinic or dept. Don't settle for a PCP. Good luck and prayers for you .

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