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Jodie P

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Post concussion syndrome

Posted by @jodiep, Apr 25, 2012

My 18 year old daughter was injured on the job receiving a grade 3 concussion on april 1st. Today is April 25th. She’s received 2 ct scans that show no bleeding but do show swelling. She’s still suffering some pretty severe symptoms such as dizziness, headache, lethargy and nausea. We can’t get into a neurologist until May 8th. I know the symptoms can last for quite sometime but in the mean time are there things they can check to make sure something worse isn’t underlying? What can I expect the neurologist to check for or do?



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Posted by @tnb003, Jun 7, 2012

I am very sorry to hear about that and would interested in hearing updates about what happened with your daughter.

My boyfriend and I were in a car accident on March 23rd. I came out of it a little sore, but he was knocked unconscious and had to have staples and stitches on both sides of his head. What we thought was just a serve concussion has now turned into post concussion syndrome. He visits the neurologist and physician regularly. He has a lot of the same symptoms that you have listed above with a few more; dizziness, headaches, nausea, long-term memory loss…just to name a few. The neurologist said that these symptoms could be permanent, but they just don’t know really. I am hoping to learn more about this from others experiences. I have read a lot about the condition, but I think that I would get a better insight by talking with others who have experienced this.

I would love to hear back about your family’s situation and wish your daughter the best of luck in recovery.

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