Possible worsening hiatal hernia?

Posted by badbodybabe @badbodybabe, May 3 4:54am


I’m 27 and have hEDS, POTS, GERD etc among other things. I know hernias are common with EDS and that hiatal hernias can often cause GERD so I’ve been aware I could have one for a long while. GPs here don’t think they’re serious most of the time and have focused on treating the symptoms with omeprazole, antacids etc but it’s reached a point where that isn’t working anymore and my symptoms are worsening. I’m not sure if it’s reached a point where a doctor will take it seriously yet, or if there’s even anything that can be done about it – any advice would be appreciated!

I was first diagnosed with GERD aged 20, experiencing chest pain, reflux and stomach churning from excessive acid, which mostly stayed the same for a few years. My throat is also super sensitive and the slightest irritation can make it bleed.
But in the last two years , I’ve developed a chronic sore throat that’s worse in the mornings, voice changes, and it’s painful and difficult taking a deep breath into my diaphragm or singing. I also sometimes experience difficulty swallowing and nausea, and recently even threw up out of the blue with no cause almost like with gastroparesis. When I feel my diaphragm and take a deep breath, I don’t feel the movement which I’ve been told indicates a hernia. I’m not overweight and don’t eat a lot of food – I actually can’t because my throat is so tight sometimes – so it’s not diet or weight related. I also don’t know if this is relevant but I also aspirate drinks quite easily.

I know a sliding hiatal hernia isn’t considered a significant issue in the U.K. but I’m wondering if it’s definitely the sliding kind – I don’t know if you experience all those symptoms getting progressively worse with that?

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Protonix worked better for me but I had a closing esophagus that they went in and dilated but I also have a sliding hernia. Breathing and stretching exercises help but u might want a barium xray to check esophagus cuz I had the same symptoms and more cuz I thought it was my heart so did the dr


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If you are in the UK can you purchase an Iqoro with subsidy from the NHS? It's a device available in Europe that supposedly helps people with hernias combat GERD thru simple exercises using the device.

You can also check out Dr. Jamie Koufman's GERD advice on her website and FB page. She outlines a detox program involving low-acid/low-fat diet, and a few other steps, like sleeping with your head elevated. Good luck!

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