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possible schizophrenia

Posted by @jamesino, Nov 21, 2012

How does a parent help their teen who refuses to get help and won’t speak to a professional when schizophrenia is a suspicion ? I do not want to wait until she has a severe episode. I am the only one my daughter has told and she doesn’t believe she has a problem. She said it’s all that she knows….seeing ghosts, hearing voices, smelling things others don’t. She has been going through alot of anxiety lately and I’m fearful she will get worse.

I contacted NAMI and they said to come to their workshops. I want a diagnosis so we can get her treated!! What is a parent to do??

How do I convince her she needs help?



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Posted by @ciarra2020, Nov 22, 2012

A parent like me just takes her young daughter to counceling and goes from there say nothing more and nothing less than maybe we need to go for a drive or even go to the store and then tell her about the cool new place where they can talk to a friend who will not judge! Counceling is awesome and hey we have all had anxiety!


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Posted by @parasailor1050, Nov 23, 2012

I think you should try and persuade her to get herself tested. there could be several causes for her hallucinations but if she turns out to be positive then she’ll find life easier once the meds get started, especially with your support.. tell her that if she wants her problem to end, this is the best way out for her..


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Posted by @helynn, Nov 29, 2012

We have a similar problem with an adult son who has the symptoms but refuses to believe he is ill, believes everyone in the family is against him for telling him he needs to go for a check up. It is so obvious that he may have schizophrenia or paranoia. If you can get your daughter to agree to see a doctor who can give her medication, she will get back to normal very quickly I am told by mental health experts. If she refuses, no doctor can force her into tests or treatment. We tried it. He refuses. It is so sad. I wish you success.

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