Possible scam

Posted by mcd123 @mcd123, Oct 18, 2022

Anyone ever heard of nerve control 911? Looks like one of many scams to me.

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@mcd123 I have not, but it appears to be advertised as a "natural" supplement. Personally, I would not waste my money and recommend consulting your neurologist or local pharmacist. Do not be fooled by the tag line of "911". That to me is taking advantage of people that are desperate for help and will spend money to try and achieve "nerve control". Reading up on dietary changes to reduce inflammatory food intake, finding an exercise routine of stretching, strengthening or cardio that works for you, and focusing on tools like distraction, stress-management, breathing and meditation, are all good natural aids.


I concur with Rachel. What real medicines have to have 911 in the name? Will that make a Dr more likely to prescribe it, or Pharmacist more likely to recommend it? For over the counter, it is to make it stand out from other similar (or even better) OTC medicines.


I agree with you. It's a scam! I'm almost done with the 4 bottles I bought- I have yet to experience any meaningful relief to my neuropathic pain! I should have suspected so, when it's ingredients didn't include R-Alpha Lipoic Acid, a proven relief for nerve when taken in a dose high enough, even when taken alone. Try taking LDN- low dose Naltrexone, say 4.5 mg.

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