Possible pregnancy

Posted by june8888 @june0604, Jan 27, 2015

I am wondering if i could be pregnant? Yesterday I had a menstrual cramp on my right side for 8-10 hours. However no morning sickness, headaches, dizzyness or other symptoms. I’ve been on birth control for 5 years and always have regular periods. I went off the pill for 9 days after my period ended this month as i was waiting for refill. During this break I’m pretty sure i ovulated. I had sex a few times. My boyfriend wore a condom during ejaculation but there was a brief amount of time during the beginning of each intercourse where he was inside of me without a condom. I’m wondering if i got pregnant from pre-ejaculate or ejaculation leakage? I don’t know what else could cause the cramps? They were too early to be menstrual cramps although they felt like them. I’m sorry if this is the wrong forum for this question but I am looking for advice. Thank you.

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