Possible Miscarriage?

Posted by cpachokas @cpachokas, Aug 15, 2020

I should be 9 weeks pregnant tomorrow. I have been spotting every so lightly for a month, brown in color. I was told to keep an eye on it as my cervical lining was thin even before I got pregnant. Two days ago, I started bleeding lightly and it varied from light to dark red in color. The clinic did an ultrasound and told me I measured at 6 weeks??? They were able to see a gestational sac, but not a fetal pole. This would not be cause for concern IF I am actually 6 weeks along and not the 9 weeks that I should be. I had a three positive pregnancy tests about a month ago, which is why i'm really confused.

Fast forward to the doctor's appointment. They don't know if I am miscarrying or not. This was yesterday. After I got home, I started having light cramping, but this morning it is gone. I had to suggest that they check my hCG levels yesterday and the doctor seemed surprised, like she hadn't even thought of that. So, my confidence in this clinic is pretty low. Since I had a bit of cramping yesterday I was sure that it was a miscarriage, but now i'm back to being confused and extremely frustrated. I go back on Monday to test my hCG levels again. Has anyone every had anything similar?

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I have bleeding in all of my pregnancies and in my first trimester. I’ve had a little spotting to my goodness find the shut off valve. The only time I had cramping with it was when I had a miscarriage during my First IVF cycle. But it was also accompanied by a lot of bleeding….a ridiculous amount. I can’t say that will be true for you. Don’t fret. Sadly, what will be will be. When I had a huge amount of bleeding with my last pregnancy it ended up being the placenta growing and finding the magic blood vessel and the placenta won and now I have an almost 1 and 1/2 year old who is sooooo busy! Our bodies do weird things when trying to get pregnant or carry a baby. If the cramping seems light, it could be anything from your body starting to adjust to prepare for baby or even baby implanting into your uterus. Who knows. Take a breath and know you might be lucky. And if not, don’t lose hope because even a miscarriage proves you can get pregnant. Sending lots of love and hope your way!


Oh! I almost forgot. Sometimes checking you hCG levels with miscarriage is going to be inaccurate. I mentioned a miscarriage my first cycle of IVF….well, while I was having all this bleeding, my levels were still up saying I’m pregnant according to all my blood tests (routine with IVF) the only way we found out what happened is because I had my ultrasound at 8 weeks? 9 weeks? About where you are and there was nothing. So even if you miscarry you’re hormone levels can and most likely will still be up. It takes a little bit for the body to get the memo that there’s no more pregnancy. Just FYI. Sorry I forgot about that.

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