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Possible Breast Cancer

Posted by @nancyb1950, Mar 1, 2012

I don’t have insurance, was going to get student insurance in May, but have now found what I believe to be breast cancer. If I go to have it confirmed, then I have a pre-existing condition and it won’t be covered anyway. Didn’t think I would ever have to worry about breast cancer because no one in my family ever had it…I breastfed three children…It started out with itching itching itching in my right breast, intermittent at first, but now almost constant. It’s been a couple years, at least. Will wake me out of a sleep and I have scratch marks across my breast. Small nodule under the nipple. Larger, what I think is a mass, on the outer aspect of my breast, Now am experiencing pain in breast around nipple area. My lymph nodes hurt off and on. Pain in my back very near breast and pain in my upper arm with decreased strength in my right hand. (Found the decreased strength in my right hand during a job physical.) At one point I thought a lab result showed I had high calcium levels in my blood, which can also be associated with cancer. I contacted the American Cancer Society, All Women Count for the uninsured, etc. Was told about the federally qualified health clinics in my area. I make about $238/mo. too much to qualify for any kind of help. Do I just wait to die? If I can’t support myself, then what? Is there anyone out there who has experienced anything like this?


Sarah H

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Posted by @sarahh, Mar 23, 2012

This is exactly why we need Obama care. I say that as a Republican, too.

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