Possible 3rd knee revision surgery w/swelling low-grade infection

Posted by micky19 @micky19, Oct 2, 2019

My husband's left knee develops scar tissue and he can't seem to loosen that knee up. This past year he had a job with a lot of standing and we bought a house and he is doing a lot of outside work. The knee is swelled up and hot, causing him to go to an urgent care ortho office. After x-rays and blood tests, fluid tests, we were told by a ortho dr (not the one who did the original surgery)he recommends remove that device, replace it with an antibiotic block for 8 weeks and put in a new knee. Any one have any luck doing this? He does develop scar tissue in that knee before, still very stiff

Hello @micky19. I'd like to invite @barbwire, @knitpurl1, @szqyoung, @amberpep, and @gutthookd who have all talked about undergoing knee revisions on Connect in the past. I'd also like to share the following discussions with you as well:

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@micky19, you mention in your title that this would be the third revision. Has your husband had issues with infection before that led to a previous revision as well? Has he developed aggressive scar tissue after each surgery?

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