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Poor Circulation in Legs of my Grandfather, 69% clogged carotids, diabetes...

Posted by @ilovemyjido in Heart & Blood Health, Aug 25, 2012

I'm worried about my grandfather, and I am looking for suggestions on how to help him improve his poor circulation. I don't know what I'm doing, and I don't even know if it's already too late or not. He's having tests next week to see how bad his circulation is, but the doctor seemed concerned. I feel like I have to learn everything overnight, and I'm trying, but it's overwhelming.

I was concerned that he was having a heart attack on Tuesday because of severe pain in his left arm, so anyway, that landed us in the doc's office on Wednesday. He didn't have a heart attack, but his doctor was very concerned about the circulation in his legs. He mentioned that if my grandfather doesn't stop smoking, he will have to have his legs amputated. He said stop smoking and start walking. Then he told me about his carotids.

So, since then, I've been massaging my grandfather's legs every night and going to walk with him to make sure he's doing it. My grandfather couldn't walk to the end of his drive-way without needing to stop for a rest on the first night. He was in so much pain, but I felt like I had to keep pushing him to keep going after each rest. I'm not going to let him lose his legs, but I don't want to push him too far or too hard either. I don't understand his pain, so it makes it really difficult for me to know if I'm hurting him. I don't know what he is feeling, and I don't want to hurt him. I don't know what sensations he is having. He has always been a tough prideful person, and will not talk about pain. He will stop when he can't go anymore, but he won't tell me what he's feeling when he stops. He's the type of man who can cut himself open and then stitch himself back up without even flinching. I don't know if he's pushing himself too far, even. I don't want to cause more damage, but I can't do nothing and just let him lose his legs either.

I am looking for cookbooks, natural remedies, home remedies, and anything/everything. Has anyone experienced this? When is it too late to do anything about it? Will massage make it better or worse? My grandfather is my whole world. Words can't explain how much he means to me. He always told me growing up, that one day I would be the one driving him around and taking care of him. In my mind, I always knew that what he was saying made logical sense but I never really believed that the time would ever come for me to be putting his shoes on and picking him up off of the floor. It's here, and I'm honored to be the one doing it... but I'm scared, and it's breaking my heart... and I want to keep him for as long as I can. So, please, if you have any suggestions or knowledge at all for how I can make him as comfortable as possible while also pushing him to improve his situation let me know. If you don't have the time, please say a short prayer for him or send positive energy his way.

Thank you.


Posted by @anon75399582, Sep 26, 2012

Have your doctor try a drug called pentoxifylline or brand name trental. I have same issue and after two weeks taking drug my pain is mostly gone in legs. Problem is called intermittent claudication. The drug makes red blood cells elastic and better able to transit restricted arteries. My cardiologist didn't know about drug. I mentioned it to my primary care physician who wrote me a script for it. Suggest you give it a try. Nothing to loose but few dollars. Have to take three times a day and worked wonders for me. Best of luck to your gpa.

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