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Posted by @sallyc in Bones, Joints & Muscles, Oct 11, 2011

I was diagnosed in 1965, and have been well controled with prednisone. This spring I had a total hip replacement that went bad and had to be removed and another type was put in. in the last 4 months I have been operated on 4 more times because the muscles did not heal. Now I have extreem pain in all my muscles but can not increase the prednisone. Does anyone have any type of help for the pain?


Posted by @girls5kmd, Oct 16, 2011

My dr. put me on Azathioprine. It helped along with prednisone.


Posted by @keithinwpg, Oct 21, 2011

For the pain -- that depends on the sort of pain you are experiencing. What sort of pain are you getting? Is it localized to your hip? Is it widespread? Does it come and go? With what?

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