Polymyalgia, Covid Infection, Anti-Virals

Posted by connelly @connelly, Nov 14, 2022

I have just finished a 5 day course of anti-viral tablets (‘Paxlovid’ – ‘nirmatrelvir’ + ‘ritonavir’) following a positive Covid test. Paxlovid is approved for use in Australia for vulnerable subjects who catch the Covid bug. I am 83, which accounts for my vulnerable status and have had PMR for a year, Prednisolone tapered now to 5mg from initial 15mg. Pain levels from PMR over the 12 months have been constant but bearable, once Pred kicks in after morning dosage. Reflections: 1. This was a mild Covid infection (I am 4x vaccinated) – it was much like a bad cold; 2. PMR pain didn’t seem much different – stayed on 5mg; 3. Paxlovid tablets had no noticeable adverse physical effects, apart from a persistent nasty mouth feeling/taste.
PMR is very variable in its manifestations of course. I post this anecdote simply to increase the stock of knowledge of our disease.

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Thank you. It was valuable to read your experience.


It has been so immensely helpful to me to read about the broad and varied experience of PMR. My rheumatologist is extremely.rigid about what can be PMR pain. Anythimg.beyond the neck, shoulders, upper ares, hips and thighs MUST be something.else and cannot be PMR. If chemistries are good and.you still have pain, it.MUST be something else. I was beginning.to feel it was all my imagination. Thank.you fornsharing your experiences. It has really changed.my life and given me.great ideas for illness management. Since joint the group I have never felt better. I am not.tapering as directed by rheumatologist. I am using ideas from the group ( reducing by .5 mg vs 1 mg) and it is really working well. Far less.pain. Thank you!


So relieved to read your comments. My Rheumatologist and GP both say any pain beyond those areas must be something else without saying what. From the beginning I have had serious leg pain especially in my calves and in muscles around my knees.

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