Possible PMR OR Lora diagnosis

Posted by marilyncarkner @marilyncarkner, Feb 20, 2019

I am a very active 71 year old who works out regularly. I started with creeping stiffness in December . My GP has referred me to a Rheumatologist but while waiting she started me on 50 mgs 1 st week 45 mgs 2 nd week and so on till I am down as I can be with it symptoms.Not sure if it is PMR or Lora The first 2 weeks were magic and then whenI I hit 40 mgs the symptoms reappeared ( damn) and on such a high dose …. frustrated Maybe Methyltrexate is the answer….any thoughts.

You are at the average age for PMR to start. I have had PMR for 14 years. I presume the med you are referring to is prednisone. As the dose is reduced symptoms often reappear. Given a few days they will often disappear. PMR is condition that often seems to change from one day to the next. I was in a study about 10 years or so back. Whatever was in the weekly shots I was taking left me feeling wonderful. However, the shots had one bad side affect and the study was stopped. I don't like the side affects of prednisone, but I have pretty much learned to live with them.


Hello @marilyncarkner, Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I have had 2 occurrences of PMR. The first lasting about 3 years and the second about a year and half. Both occurrences were treated starting with 20 mg of prednisone and tapering slowly off. Sometimes tapering too fast brings the pain back quickly. There are a couple of discussions here on Connect that you and @edithmiller might want to join in and see what others are sharing about their PMR journey.

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Has your doctor mentioned trying methotrexate?

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