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PLZ HELP! 24 yr old daughter has BPD with Pathological Lying.

Posted by @mjkyle in Mental Health, Jan 17, 2012

My daughter is bouncing all over the place. Came home last week and got my grandson who I have been taking care of for the past four months since his birth. She is yelling I will not see her or my grandson again.Now she is staying with some guy she has only been with for a lil over a month.She is very unstable. I can't believe anything that she says anymore. She is not doing the right things for herself and my grandson. She refuses to get help about her problems that are going on. She has already lost custody of my 3 yr old granddaughter last year. The courts said she was unfit for she could not put the child before her own needs and wants. Could not maintain a stable environment for the child. She left her daughter with my mother to care for, went out doing what she pleased. And here we are again she is doing the same thing. She will not get the help she needs desperately. I do not know what to do with her. I feel like I have been fighting with a losing battle for over a year now. Does anybody have any suggestions for me!

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Posted by @roxie43, Jan 25, 2012

DBT known as dialectical behavioral therapy does wonders for persons living with BPD. She would first have to accept her illness and be willing to work hard to become more stable. It can be extremely difficult to deal with BPD's but it is not impossible. It sounds like you could use some support as well. You should not be working harder than she and by getting some type of support you will learn techniques to deal with her when she is pushing your buttons.


Posted by @chinooka, Jan 26, 2012

i agree with Roxie, it is imparative that you get support and learn techniques to take care of yourself in relationship with her, and do whatever it takes to care for you because sometimes that is all you can do.


Posted by @bipolarhelp, Feb 8, 2012

What is DBT my daughter has been hospitalized twice with BPD with Psycosis. The depresion is very sever and it is so hard to medicate without starting the yo-yo efect.


Posted by @roxie43, Feb 8, 2012

It is a form of therapy usually used with folks with BPD. It teaches coping strategies when one feels overwhelmed and has difficulty controlling emotions. However, the psychosis needs to be treated first.
Hang in there as it sounds that she is safe in the hospital. Also, if it's been a while and you are not seeing an improvement speak up and let the doctor know your concerns..


Posted by @bipolarhelp, Feb 8, 2012

oK i just looked up DBT my daughter has BiPolar Disorder that is what I thought BPD was. It seems like there are a lot of overlap in the mental disorders sometimes difficult to tell what is what.

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