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Plugged Carotid Arteries

Posted by @judyhj214, Aug 30, 2012

My friend survived throat cancer over a decade ago. He had to undergo massive radiation treatments that left scar tissue in the area of his carotid arteries. Doctors inserted a stint into one of them, but scar tissue still continued to close the arteries more and more over time. Now he is told that one is fully closed and the other is almost closed. The doctors shrug it off, telling him that they don’t usually do anything about that condition. They tell him that surgery is out of the question, because he wouldn’t heal right because of the scar tissue. So it looks like he could eventually have a stroke or worse. I can’t believe that with all the medical advances that this is an impossible condition to successfully treat. I feel like his doctors are just waiting to see how long it takes him to die. Has anyone else had this condition, and is there any hope?


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