Please I really need some advice I am a 46yr old female [...]

Posted by Kelly @kelly_68, Dec 29, 2014

Please I really need some advice I am a 46yr old female my name is Kelly I was diagnosed with chaira ma type 1in January 2013 with a 6mm mass I live in a very small town in Florida no one wants to do the surgery I was told I need it done my symptoms keep getting worse I am now legally blind eye doctor said it is pressing on my optical nerve I am in a wheelchair when it’s so bad that I lose my legs I have hard time swallowing,migraines are so intense I am now 100%incontinence alot of times it is hard for me to put sentences togeather,I am a severe fall risk,my hands and feet cramp up on me numbness and tingling throughout I really need some one out there that has either gone through the surgery or is suffering the same things that I am going through I didn’t list all my symptoms but I went to web md saw all symptoms and I have every one they list I’m scared I was told mayo clinic in Jacksonville Florida was a good place to go but conserned about if they will take my ins. I am now on ssd I just need some one to hear my voice and please help me I can’t and shouldn’t have to live this way no one should have to.sighned looking for help

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