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Please help what should i do and where should i go

Posted by @e55, Oct 24, 2011

I have problems with my stomech and bowel and annal fisher and i have hard time when i get my stole out and when i went to the bath room after finish i feel like smothing barin in my back and my bowel is this ibs or what and can mayoclinic help me to take this problem out forever because i’m now sevring from 4 months and i can’t sleep well also i feel sick and tired and sad hole the day since i wake up and i have barin in my stomech and my back when i eat anythings and i caouldn’t anythings and now i have diehra please anyone can give me advise i will be thankfull and if mayo clinic stuff see read this please help because my country far far away from usa if they are any cure for my condtion i will go there and also i have heat in my foot also


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