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Please help regarding experiences with family and OCD.

Posted by @wellandhappy in Mental Health, Mar 12, 2012

I have written a letter in another section of Mayo Clinic for your review. Forgive my amaturish attempt at moving through various spots on this site. I wrote the letter with requests in an area of OCD perhaps. If I am now posting it in general, good, as there will be more exposure. For more detail, please try to find my first entry. I covet your experience and help on several levels. This is a little on the urgent side as I have a lot to learn for an upcoming family visit! My sincerest appreciation! Patricia

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Posted by @tiffie, Mar 20, 2012

I have OCD, more on the O side. My husband has a pretty severe case which he has gotten under control with treatment. His actually almost broke us up before he realized what it was and got treatment because of the way it would freeze him from doing certain things. He'd get stressed and snap and it just seemed like he didn't care. There is a book called brain lock that really does help. It has some great techniques in it, and before I realized that I had OCD (my main dx is bipolar and anxiety) I used that book to learn a lot about what he was going through and help him with the techniques when he was too frozen to do it on his own. Patience is definitely key when dealing with someone with a mental illness, especially if they are willing to work on it. It takes time to learn your way and find a treatment that will work. For my husband, luvox and therapy as well as meditation have been key.

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Posted by @wellandhappy, Mar 26, 2012

Tiffie ~ thank you very much for your response! I understand bipolar very well and its buddy anxiety less. I am grateful for your experience. I am trying to make a visit I very much want to make to my son/wife's home and the burden is completely on me to not react, ect. I am not a person to wish being a part of enabling. There has been no part on either party otherwise to make efforts in this issue. I am most anxious to visit 🙁 and am rather desperately trying to learn NOT TO SAY ANYTHING about what I will encounter if I go. That is most difficult and is an approach that is unhealthy to me. Well, I am in a delima. I have been instructed by my not to say anything which leaves me at a loss what to do...So...It is wonderful that you and your husband know what to do to help yourselves, have recognized your particular delimas, and you are so correct in stating any solutions must come from their willingness to do what needs to be done. I will check out the book you reported as a good read, "Brain Lock" to see what I can learn from that information. Thank you for your teaching paragraph and I say to you, "THANK YOU! many times over :)
PS: 'll check in here from time to time.

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