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please help me. Do you have any advice?

Posted by @dotmeut, Jul 30, 2012

I am experiencing what I thought was scabies, but I feel the biting and have had infestations and bites around my whole body. especially between my legs. I have seen deremtologists and been given all the drugs to cure scabies but nothing is a permanant solution. I am emotionally drained from this. I am a happy normal person and I know this is not just in my head. The bites show it. Please if you have any suggestions please tell me. I don’t know where else to turn. This started a long time ago and is gradually getting worse. Are there any infectious disease doctors out there who is reading this with suggestions ? Please help. Please



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Posted by @bettyann, Jul 30, 2012

Hi there Dotmeut,
I am so sorry about what you are going through. What I can’t understand is why specialist such as Dermatologists have not been able to solve the problem! That seems totally absurd to me and they certainly have been of no use to you!That is not FAIR.
Please, please do not get insulted by my asking this…but are you really and truly POSITIVE they are not bed bug bites. They can become infected and are very difficult to cure. This happens to SO many people. A friend of mine was literally eaten up by them and the doctors and staff here in the bldg REFUSED TO BELIEVE HER when she said they were probably bed bug bites! Finally she called the state health dept and got some action…saw a different doctor and is now fine… (this happened 3 yrs ago)
Hopefully you know how to check for them at night, lifting up your sheets and looking with a flashlight on the mattress, right.
Also, I lived next door to a lady who suffered from pidgeon mite bites! Howz that for a different one!! 🙂 they were pinpoint small to begin with (pink) and then if she scratched them, they became infected. A doctor DID diagnose and cure those!
First I would ‘eliminate possibilities’ … and then I would ask to see another doctor and dermatologist. You should not have to suffer the way you have been. I wish you all the luck!!


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Posted by @piglit, Jul 30, 2012

Hi Dotmeut. I tend to agree with Betty in regards to the dr. A year or so ago I was covered in itchy bites. I ended up going to a dermatologist who gave me cortisone short term and some cream to use eventually the bites went away. Mine was caused by mites that have gotten into peastraw that I had been using in the garden. I also sprayed my house and vaccummed throughly as I had bought them into the house on my clothes and skin. Please get another opinion, and take care and let us know how you get along. Piglit

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