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Please help if you can. Does anyone one have lipofibroma of the

Posted by @emyers, Dec 22, 2011

Please help if you can. Does anyone one have lipofibroma of the median nerve and Fibromyalgia ? I am having so many issues and NO doctor wants to talk to me and thinks I have made this up. They don’t understand it and it’s not their field. I am so alone in the things I am going threw . I have worked for a city school for almost 17 years full time and don’t make $17000.00 a year. My pay every two weeks now is about $270.00 due to my insurance has gone up to $438.00 a month, I need to change jobs but I know that I physically can’t do them. My family doctor suggested checking into disability but have no clue on how to do it. Another doctor that I see, which is the one who sent me to Minnesota Mayo Clinic said that even if I had my hand chopped off that I would not get any help. I can’t live on my pay and I am so tired and hurting all the time. I have lost 45 pounds in 3 months and I am struggling day to day. I am starting depression and wish that I wasn’t alive anymore. I am not me. If anyone knows someone who has the same conditions please let me know. Lipofibroma is a very rare condition but I feel so alone and no one seems to understand. At the Mayo Clinic I was suppose to get the doctors card and email to stay in touch, I never received anything. Not even any brochure or info of further research of the tumor that has grown in the nerves. I am probably writing this and no one understands but if you did read all of this , Thank you for listening any way.


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