Plaquenil and depression

Posted by JohnWBurns @johnwburns, Jul 2, 2016

I posted something a few weeks ago regarding taking mycophenolate with plaquenil for Sjogren’s but I guess it would apply to any autoimmune condition. Plaquenil was added to the mycophenolate I take and I have been depressed almost ever since. My metabolism apparently slowed down around the same time as in bradycardia and a drop in blood pressure so I wonder if plaquenil is mucking with my thyroid replacement’s effectiveness. I see an endocrinologist next month. I take duloxetine for pain but it bounces right off of this. As usual I did my own research and it appears that plaquenil is associated with depression in some folks and I might be one of them. Nothing re a drop in metabolism. Any thoughts, please share. Might have to just quit the stuff.

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