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Pituitary tumers and Hypothyroidism

Posted by @abrown43, May 29, 2012

Hi! I am 8 years out from Pituitary surgery, after three years Drs. discovered hypothyroidism. I have horrible symptoms from this depression, weight gain, carpal tunnel syndrome bilaterally, joint pain, high blood pressure, horrible swelling of face,hands and feet, insomnia just to name a few. I have nodules but my Dr. doesn’t seem to be concerned about them. I take 75 of levothyroxine daily but it doesn’t seem to help at all, and the Dr. I see well lets just say it takes an act of congress for him to raise my medication, it did show low last time so he raised it from 50 to 75. My question is this, has anyone of you had a pit tumer and hypothyroidism, and if so do you get false levels on your bloodwork, like when I had the pit tumer my hormone levels measured normal even though my tumer was over 11 and apoplexied.

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