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My dad had an 10 cm abdominal aortic aneurysm repair done in Dec 2017 in Arkansas. In Dec 2018 we found out he had a bloodstream infection with MRSA. (Likely related to hospitalization for surgery in Dec 2017). He was also diagnosed with a spinal epidural abscess that Drs don’t recommend draining due to its small size. After 24 days in the hospital being treated with IV antibiotics he was released with negative blood cultures. 2 weeks later he is back in the hospital with positive MRSA blood cultures. It appears the MRSA may be I n the abdominal aortic repair and the spine. The Drs here don’t see these types of cases often (1 every 2-3 years) and we’re hoping they could consult a Mayo specialist. My dad is currently in the hospital fighting for his life so travel is questionable right now. We desperately would like for our Drs here (cardiology and infectious disease) to consult with specialists there on options/recommendations. If the specialist believe surgery is a viable option after reviewing scans, labs, his case, then we’d get my dad there for surgery. However, due to his current hospitalization, just going for an in person consult to find out they might not even consider surgery would put a tremendous strain on him. Can anyone weigh in? His Drs here don’t seem to know how to reach out or motivated to try. We’re desperate and time is of the essence.

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1. The most effective step would be for your father’s doctor(s) to call Mayo Clinic (contact info. below) and request to speak with the cardiology consultant on call.

2. Your doctor can also call Mayo Clinic's (Rochester, MN) Cardiology Triage number: (507)-255-2910

3. Each of Mayo Clinic's three campuses — Rochester, Minnesota; Jacksonville, Florida; and Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona — has a Referring Provider Office staffed with physician liaisons. The Referring Provider Office is a resource for all providers outside Mayo Clinic, whether you're getting in touch with Mayo for the first time or have an ongoing relationship with us and our providers. Physician liaisons work closely with Mayo's clinical areas to bring the most up-to-date, relevant information to referring providers and their staff members.

The contact information for Minnesota, Arizona and Florida can be found here:


@poppy123, I also want to offer another option through which providers/doctors may be able to consult with Mayo Clinic – Mayo Clinic Care Network (MCCN).
MCCN uses technology and physician collaboration to deliver a full spectrum of medical expertise to communities across the country and throughout the world. Through the network, Mayo Clinic collaborates with local providers, complementing local expertise, and ensures that people have access to Mayo Clinic medical expertise no matter where they live.
To find a MCCN center close to you, and for more information:

I’m tagging @concernedmtnmom @tomewilson @IndianaScott as they’ve talked about phone consults in the following discussion:
– Telephone consult


Hello @poppy123 I am Scott (aka IndianaScott) as noted by @kanaazpereira I am so very sorry to read of your dad's health challenges.

While my wife fought her battle with brain cancer she was seen most often by her local GP here in Indiana, but we also remained patients of her neuro-oncologist at the Rochester Mayo Clinic location. Later in her disease progression travel became impossible for her, but we utilized some of the Mayo long distance, tele and video medicine consulting options for her. I am sure its uses change by disease, physician, etc,, but we found it wonderful for her. Again, only her case for example, we were able to have her MRI done here, send the digital information for reading at Mayo and then video consult with her neuro-oncologist for his findings, opinions, options, care, etc. I am not sure if the technology is still the same or available, but we used their 'Mayo Virtual Visit' system once we had the need for distance help.

I will also note that initially my wife's GP was not, shall we say a 'fan' of our use of the Mayo doctor, but after my begging she agreed to try and then changed her thinking as it became obvious, in a very collegial manner, that the specialists at Mayo were adding great value to her patient's life and condition.

I wish you well and please feel free to ask any questions you might have

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