Phonak Paradise (quite new)

Posted by raykraemer @raykraemer, Sep 14, 2020

Anyone have any experience with the Phonak Paradise? Am planning to get one. Supposed to be the best of them all.

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I have been wearing Phonak aids for many years…I have profound Bilateral hearing loss. These are not appropriate for my loss despite what the ads say. I wear super powerful Phonak Nadia BTEs with custom molds and tubing. This is more of an open ear type fitting depending on the size of the dome. It will depend on your hearing loss but I suspect it is more appropriate for mild to moderate loss. There are online reviews from some people who have already trialed them.

There is no “best of them all” unfortunately but all the manufacturers keep coming out with new models making them enticing to people who do have hearing loss and may or may not currently be a hearing aid user.

My Audi, at my request, is researching some other options for me. But since you can trial them, go ahead. I don’t know the severity of your loss or how long you have been wearing aids (if you do so now) but it may be a step up for you. I can trial aids with no upfront purchase at my particular ENT but that is rare. Phonak is a good company and so far their hearing aids have worked the best for me.

I get excited when I see a new “improved” generation of hearing aids which is normal. I will be interested in learning what you decide.

FL Mary


I echo what FL Mary has said. There is no best of them all. Be sure you have an adequate trial period, and use that trial time by using those hearing aids in every possible setting. Different lifestyles require different options. Real Ear Measurement is a must in testing. If you want to be able to hear well without extraneous noise in social and meeting/theatrical settings, you will want options that improve the ability to hear in places where background noise is present. Insist on hearing aids with telecoils and manual volume control, so you can control them yourself. Try those Phonaks and let us know how they work for you. Also let us know if your provider encouraged you to use the accessories that Phonak sells.


Actually I have since decided to try the Oticon Exceed. Just looking for the best price. Looks like I will be getting them through Truhearing. They seem very reputable. Anyway, that's the latest in my search for the best hearing aids that will allow me to live happily every after, you know like the fairy tales. Good luck with that I suspect!!

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